The Double-Glutton

Species: Fermentation Borderling

Type: Visitor/Figment

Threat Level: •••

Mentality: Animal

Manifestations: Very Rare

Chance of Visibility: 37.2%

Height: 7'0ft (213.3cm)

Weight: 733lbs (332.4kg)

Activity: 3 hours, 28 minutes

Respawn Count: 45

Frequency: 46Hz - 112Hz

Effect Radius: 2'8ft

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About the Borderling

The Turpiarcaling is a junk-based lifeform. The Borderling might've been a descendant of the Antloling due to its similar anatomical structure.

It resembles a plump vulgar mammal with two heads on each side. It's protruding belly has transparent membranes on each side. Two mouths are on each side of the Borderling. They never close except when chewing food. Their gums are unevenly cut into geometric shapes.  The Turpiarcaling has human-like teeth on its gaping maws and toes. Its teeth have a stronger tooth enamel than most animals on Earth. It has a long, muscular proboscis. Inside the Turpiarcaling's tongue are yellower, sharper teeth which come in rows. Acidic saliva coats the insides of its tongue and mouth. Its legs and feet are thick and sturdy, reminiscent to that of elephants.

Although the Turpiarcaling skin is warm and feverish to the touch, the insides of the Turpiarcaling's body are extremely cold. Its semi-hollow body has an internal body temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The purple intestines connect to its muscular tongue. A brownish-yellow bile slushes around its stomach.

It speaks with a low, bellowing growl. Each head grumbles and gurgles in unison. Witnesses describe it to sound like a chorus of grumbling stomachs, ravishing in hunger.

A corrupt Turpiarcaling won't regulate its interior temperatures. Therefore it will lead to an upset stomach, causing the Borderling some discomfort. Its gums and tongue are pale with green spots. Rarely,  the impure Turpiarcaling's skin won’t handle the bile within its stomach and will leak out from its transparent film.

The Turpiarcaling appears inside the back of shops that sell large quantities of food. Grocery stores and factories will have a slight chance of having a Turpiarcaling nearby.

It enter's Earth's dimension as a puddle of bile. The gunk pools around flat surfaces and dimly lit areas. The Turpiarcaling will emerge upwards from its disgusting portal. Afterward, the bile shrinks until nothing's left. The rest of the residue will cake and fall off the Borderling's skin. The Turpiarcaling leaves in the same fashion as it enters. Puking the stomach acids into the ground, it creates another portal.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Turpiarcaling is dull and gluttonous. It will eat anything in front of its two mouths. It begins to tense when another scavenger's nearby. The Turpiarcaling will spray its acidic bile on any intruder that interrupts its feast.

The Borderling makes slow and trudging steps, either forward or backward. It cannot go sideways or run.

The Turpiarcaling feasts on the dead and decaying. Once it founds a corpse or rotten food, it reaches with its massive tongues. Its teeth can move like claws, grabbing and scraping at the softened flesh. The teeth undulate, carrying the food to its cold and cavernous belly. Any meal consumed becomes preserved. After a couple of hours had passed, purple mold will form. This unique fungus provides nourishment to the Borderling.

Non-organic, predatory lifeforms threaten the Turpiarcaling's life. Because it cannot run, it will only regurgitate acidic bile to injure any predators within its territory. Too much regurgitation will drain the Turpiarcaling of its fluids.

A safe place for the Turpiarcaling to hide is within secluded, dimly lit areas. Herds of 2 or 3 Turpiarcalings will gather in rooms rarely used by human beings and other Borderlings. They will come out during closing time to feed off of expired goods.

An impure Turpiarcaling is highly territorial with its food. Out of desperation, it pins intruders down with its feet until they succumb to rot and injury.

Organic matter will decay at an accelerated are within the Turpiarcaling's vicinity. Larger produce will rot at a slower pace. Unlike living things, dead and decaying plants and animals will rot twice as fast. Animals, organic Borderlings, and human beings have to give the Borderling wide berth to stay healthy.

Organic lifeforms will begin to rot starting at the smallest extremities. Fingers, toes, ears, and tails will show signs of decay and will appear browner and more withered. Internal organs and digestive food will soon follow suit after 20 minutes had passed. At this point, it will become fatal to any lifeform and will show signs of stomach sickness. Organ failure is imminent. After death, the decaying process will accelerate.

Discovered by Jenndragonarts

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