The Passengers on the Midnight Train

Species: Railroad Borderling

Type: Visitor

Threat Level: •• / •••

Mentality: Sentient - Average

Manifestations: Uncommon

Chance of Visibility: 32%

Height: 4'3ft (121.9cm)

Weight: 287bs (632.7kg)

Activity: 7pm to 5am

Respawn Count: 421

Frequency: 76MHz - 176MHz

Effect Radius: 5'7ft

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About the Borderling

The Siderdromoling is a train passenger-based Borderling. It resembles a cluster of vibrantly-colored worms tightly bundled in a ball.  Each ball has about 30 to 40 Borderlings which they glow a greenish-blue color. It is rare to see clusters of pink or purple-glowing Siderodromoling. The Siderodromoling's skin is soft and silky to the touch. Small threads hang from the bottom of a Siderodromoling group. They levitate 4ft to 6ft off the ground and never ascends or descends while moving.

A clear liquid fills the Siderodromoling's body cavity. When exposed to air, the substance evaporates and leaves a thick cloud of light-blue smoke behind. It is protected by the Borderling's smooth, muscular stomach lining.

It speaks in a series of murmurs and incoherent gibberish, replicating a crowd of people. A cluster's voice never gets higher or lower.

An impure Siderodromoling group will have a fainter glow. Their cluster is
tighter than their healthy counterparts.

The Siderodromoling manifest itself near bus stops during the first instances. Any bus stop that has a route that leads to the nearest train station will have this species of Borderling. They travel two and from our dimension as a faintly-glowing, translucent ball.  After settling itself into a comfortable spot, they gain shape. As the ghostly form solidifies, it waits for the bus. It exits our dimension in the same way. The Borderling changes back into a hazy ball and then disappears.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Siderodromolings are very social Borderlings. While waiting for a bus or a train, they murmur words to each other that no human would understand. Once the bus or train arrives, they float inside. When inside a vehicle, they grow silent.

The Siderodromoling behaves differently when inside a train. Once inside, the cluster disperses, each Borderling in the ball flying in different directions. As they swim in the air, they look for the railroad engineer and possess them. The host will have no visible changes, but they will behave like the Borderling. The other Siderodromolings on board will teleport the train to another dimension for a short while, leaving the passengers confused and frightened. While in the desired pocket dimension, each Siderodromoling chooses where to stop and get off the train. After all but one Siderodromoling (the engineer) remains, the train returns back to our dimension.

A Witness has to be careful when riding a train with a Siderodromoling cluster. When in another dimension, it is best to stay inside after the Borderling's had finished their routine. The longer the stay within a pocket dimension depends on how many groups of Siderodromoling is on board. If there's one cluster, they stay is about as short as a day or two.  If there are three or more groups of Siderodromolings, it will take years.

If a Witness talks to a Siderodromoling cluster, they will not hesitate to talk back. Although their words are incoherent, they understand different languages. It is nearly impossible to offend the Borderlings by saying the wrong words. After long exposures of communication, the Witness will end up speaking the same gibberish as the Borderling. The effect wears off 30 minutes after getting off the train.