People who suddenly disappeared

Species: Overgrowth Borderling

Type: Figment / Resident

Threat Level:  •••••

Mentality: Animal / Plant

Manifestations: Rare

Chance of Visibility: 42%

Height: 12'4ft (365'7cm)

Weight: 486lbs (220.4kg)

Activity: 4 Days, 8 Hours

Respawn Count: 92

Frequency: 58GHz - 754GHz

Effect Radius: 13'6ft

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About the Borderling

The Sarclareling is a mutant plant-based lifeform. It resembles a multiple-limbed, reptilian creature. The Borderling usually appears in a dragon-like shape with a long toothy snout. Its body is heavily built, showing every strand of sinew and vein underneath its elastic skin. It has one pair of front legs and one or two pairs of back legs. Twisted branches jut out from the Borderling’s back and tail. Parts of its body differentiates between each individual. Its head, tail, and extra limbs vary in size and function. A Sarclareling will have a functioning flower on the tip of its tail while another will have scythe-like appendages. Its head varies depending on what kind of plant the host touches.

Its skin is glossy and slimy to the touch and can leave a thin residue if pressed firmly.

The Sarclareling's body cavity is filled with bright lime green slime. Its limbs consist of fibrous strands, similar to roots or vines. These fibers act like its muscles, bones, and veins.

Impure Sarclarelings will have thinner skin tissue, making this Borderling’s body easy to rupture. It has brown, withered and missing limbs. Because of this malformation, it won't live for long.

The Sarclareling appears around rural areas and parks. It travels to and from our dimension as a patch of moss or algae. Before finding a host, it appears like any other plant. The moss shapes itself into a common weed when near a yard.

Both Sarclareling forms return to the Externus by burrowing into the ground.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

In the first stages of its cycle, it doesn't portray any emotion and acts like a normal plant. If it's touched, however, it uses its snake-like fangs to bite into any soft flesh. The plant will wither and dry up soon afterward.

As a fully-developed Sarclareling, it prefers a solitary life. It's an active predator and is territorial even with its own kind. Mutal bonds are rare for both a Sarclareling and an unaffected Witness.

The Sarclareling protects its territory from any intruders in the same way as it hunts down prey. The Borderling blends in with trees and shrubbery. By brushing its fingers against its prey, it will know if they're worth eating. After snapping  its prey within its jaws, they are flung around like rag dolls until their gruesome demise. The Sarclareling will quickly eat its meal afterward.

When near Botanolings, they become docile and allow the other Borderling to rest on its massive body. The Sarclareling's sweet saliva is a luxury treat for the Botanoling. After it feeds, the Sarclareling continues with its routine. It will chase away any impure Botanolings that will try and hurt it.

The Sarclareling has two effects for each form. Its first form has a venom that changes the molecular structure within the victim's body. The second form affects other plants within its vicinity.

Once after the venom enters the bloodstream, the Witness has to touch another plant to begin the transformation. After contact, there won't be any signs of change until the person's life has been threatened. Skin will turn green as the first sign. Bloating will occur then muscular growth. Animal instincts will take over in the middle of the process. Once fully transformed, it rejects its humanity and head to any patch of wilderness it could find.  If transforming in front of an attacker, they will kill them before leaving. They will be the Sarclareling's first meal.

Most transformations are temporary. If exposed to the venom more than once, the transformation will more likely be permanent.

The Sarclareling, once in the wilderness, will affect plants around its vicinity. After a short amount of exposure, plants will show accelerated growth and disfigurement. Fasciation in plants will likely happen when a Sarclareling's nearby.