I saw no driver behind the wheel. The car was driving on its own!

Height: 20'3ft (609.6cm)

Weight: 22lbs (9.9kg)

Activity: 3 hours, 5 minutes

Respawn Count: 145

Frequency: 21Hz - 542Hz

Effect Radius: 7ft

Species: Ghost Car Borderling

Type: Visitor

Threat Level: ••

Mentality: Animal

Manifestations: Uncommon

Chance of Visibility: 5% - 28%

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About the Borderling

The Phantomotorling is an illusion and vehicle-based lifeform. It resembles an insectoid shape similar to a millipede or centipede. Its thin, dark-brown body comes in segments. Each segment has a bioluminescent organ inside and emits a reddish-orange glow, which is seen pulsing on the Borderling's sides. Microscopic hairs cover the Borderling's exoskeleton.
The Phantomotorling's head is long and thin. Its beak has a sharp point that can pierce flesh. On the sides of the Borderling's head are two large eye sockets, which are in a similar shape to that of a car. Eight eyeballs are inside of its two eye sockets which illuminates a bright white or yellow color.
It has 40 pairs of legs which are all the same length. Each appendage has a thin and brittle exoskeleton. A single claw juts out of every limb. Each limb, although fragile, are incredibly strong.

Other than its bioluminescent glands, fibrous strands fill the Phantomotorling's inner cavity. These strands are incredibly thick and grainy in texture. They act like muscle and bone tissue. In burning temperatures, they show little damage. Small, bead-sized bubbles will form in the strands. These blisters will hinder the Phantomotorling's movement but not enough to cripple it. The bubbles will reduce to nothing when exposed to freezing temperatures.

Most Phantomotorlings has a scent similar to tin. In some individuals, a leather smell radiates from their bodies.

The Phantomotorling rarely speaks. If it does, it makes a diversity of faint yet harsh, hissing noises. These sounds emit from the joints of its exoskeleton.

Impure Phantomotorlings are withered, dry and thin, and are much brittle than their healthier counterparts. Their eyes have a blood red tint to them. This red tint will slightly cloud the Phantomotorling's vision.

The Phantomotorling appears late at night or around empty streets and roads less traveled. Whenever there's less traffic, a Phantomotorling will surely manifest. It enters our world as a faint shadow. The shadow solidifies and becomes the Phantomotorling soon after. It exists the human world the same way.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Phantomotorlings are opportunistic scavengers. When a Phantomotorling spots a road kill, it quickly jabs it with its sharp beak. The corpse's molecular structure changes from solid to gas and the Borderling absorbs it.

Whenever it's not on the hunt, the Phantomotorlings rest on top of cars and watch other cars as they pass by. They will sloppily scratch tally marks on the car's surface whenever they see one drive by.

When they're on the move, the Phantomotorlings use their orbs on top of their heads to create an illusion. This illusion makes them appear as another car but without a driver. This will help them escape predators and Witnesses.

The Phantomotorling causes traffic lights to malfunction. They will either blink red or change color for a split second. This will come unnoticed by any Witnesses and there will be a rare chance of any accidents. Impure Phantomotorlings will misuse their effects on traffic lights. Malfunctions can be permanent and are more likely to cause accidents.