The Electricians

Species: Electricity Borderling

Type: Figment

Threat Level: ••/••••

Mentality: Sentient - Primitive

Manifestations: Common

Chance of Visibility: 14% - 76%

Height: 2'4ft - 7'3ft (60.9cm-213.3cm)

Weight: 17lbs (7.7kg)

Activity: 3 hours, 27 minutes

Respawn Count: 178

Frequency: 653GHz - 754GHz

Effect Radius: 27'2ft

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About the Borderling

The Juttarelectroling is an electricity-based lifeform. It resembles a four-legged mammal with a lithe, slender body. Its fur is always spiky and straight. One can get a slight shock when touching the Juttarelectroling's fur. Its form is always fluctuating. Parts of the Borderling's body flicker and dislocates when it moves. Its hands and feet are highly dexterous and can grab onto anything. Its head is in a vague shape of a rodent or other animals considered to be pests. Its eyes and mouth pulses and glows with a deep-blue color. On the tip of its tail is a powerful, spiky tip.

Its body consists of electric energy that never runs out.

Its speech consists of high-pitched chatters and squeaks. A buzzing noise, similar to a fluorescent lightbulb, resonates from inside the Borderling's body.

An impure Jottarelectroling can't keep its form intact and dies within seconds when entering Earth's dimension.

The Juttarelectroling appears nearby any form of electricity. Power stations and pylons are most likely to have a Juttatelectroling infestation. The Borderling travels to and from Earth's dimension through electrified portals. In a short amount of time, two or 5 Juttarelectrolings are seen jumping through a single portal before it shrinks into nothing's left.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Juttarelectroling is mischevious and playful. In groups of 5 or 7, they find electrical wires to devour. Once they get a hold of one, they start to gnaw and chew away at the wiring. They crave wires and the electricity that courses through them. Once they got their fill, they dance and frolick around the area like playful foxes. The Borderling's chase each other's tails and jump on one another.

The Juttarelectrolings also prey on Emplekosyrmalings. Traveling through the other Borderling's electric cables, they overpower the other Borderling before gnawing at its corpse. The Emplekosyrmalings cannot escape in time because the Juttarelectrolings are lightning quick.

Once a Juttarelectroling gets enough food to eat, it grows in size. The Juttarelectroling rarely reaches maximum height, which is 7'3ft.

Exposure to the Juttarelectroling's Effect Radius causes lights to flicker. When not eating wires, it makes light fixtures dim and flutter in a fantastic display. It is when the Borderling eats its meal that it causes blackouts in a city. Witnesses are most likely to see the Juttarelectrolings during a power outage.