The Wanderling Eyes

Species: Oddly Satisfying Borderling

Type: Visitor

Threat Level: •/•••

Mentality: Animal

Manifestations: Rare

Chance of Visibility: See Entry

Height: 2'7ft (60.9cm)

Weight: 294.3lbs (133.4kg)

Activity: 2 hours, 7 minutes

Respawn Count: 75

Frequency: 423MHz - 654MHz

Effect Radius: 5'9ft

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About the Borderling

The Helmintholing is an amphibious parasite-based lifeform. It resembles a blob of pink, yellow, or green slime. Its body can take on any form, mostly of hands or geometric objects. Dark blue eyes of different sizes dot the Borderling's amorphous body.

The Helmintholing's body is soft and doughy to the touch. Its DNA makeup is similar to the fungi here on Earth. The Borderling can also harden its body within seconds.

Its odor is musty and pungent, similar to rotten fruit mixed with melted plastic.

An impure Helmintholing's body can't keep its shape. Also, its eyes won't form properly.

The Helmintholing appears in places where there's heavy moisture. Sewers, restrooms, bathrooms, and reservoirs will have a Herlmintholing visitation. It travels to and from our dimension coming out of walls and ceilings. The slime violently burst out of the surface and pools on the floor. Shortly after, eyes pop out one by one. It will then look for a host to consume.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Helmintholing remains secretive after its dramatic entry. It slithers on the ground in a worm-like shape, actively looking for hosts away from their sights. It prefers Borderlings that visit the same areas as itself. Once the prey's near, it changes into a hand-shape and smothers the victim with its body. The Helmintholing enters the other Borderling's Ichor, taking control of its body.  After the process its over, it acts like the other Borderling, blending within the group.

As the Helmintholing takes control of the host, it eats the other's Ichor. It will replace its bodily fluids with its own within 12 hours after the incident. When the time's right, it heads to another secretive area and burst out of the host's body, leaving skin behind.

The Helmintholing avoids any Witnesses that gets too close to it. It takes on a solid form and watches them. If attacked, they will consume the Witness entirely but not make them as hosts.

An impure Helmintholing will have irrational behavior after consuming a host. Its starving demeanor exposes it to non-affected Borderlings. Other Borderlings will notice and will either try to kill it or run away from it.

A Witness will have a sense of someone watching them, although no one's watching them. Staring into the Helmintholing's eyes will have a hypnotic effect. The affected Witness will have a slight urge to eat the brightly-colored creature. The sensations will not grow into something severe and will leave the Witness confused after leaving the Helmintholing's vicinity.

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