Although I pulled the cord from the socket, the VCR player is still overheating!

Species: Cables Borderling

Type: Resident

Threat Level: •/••

Mentality: Plant/ Inanimate

Manifestations: Uncommon

Chance of Visibility: 7% - 34%

Height: See Entry

Weight: See Entry

Activity: 1 day, 36 minutes

Respawn Count: 38

Frequency: 21MHz - 43MHz

Effect Radius: 1'3ft

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Audio Recordings

About the Borderling

The Emplekosyrmaling is an electric cable-based lifeform. It resembles a large bundle of cable. Connected to the Borderling's rear end is a series of electrical outlets. These electrical outlets are a mix of plastic and fleshy material. In similarities to plants on Earth, the Emplekosyrmaling also roots itself to the ground. The tip of each intertwining cable splits until they become thin fibers. Small, fanged mouths form on the front tip of the Borderling. The tips of their fangs emit sparks that cause some harm.

Each Emplekosyrmaling vary in size depending on the household and can grow up to 20ft in length.

Yellow, sparkling liquid forms inside the Emplekosyrmaling's cables. When exposed to air, they crackle and spark as they dribble to the ground.

The Emplekosyrmaling's smells of burnt electric appliances.

It only makes sounds through electrical appliances and nothing else.

An impure Emplekosyrmaling isn't well-formed like their healthier counterparts. Some of the cables are missing or disfigured, making some of the fluids leak out in places.

The Emplekosyrmaling appears in closed and confined spaces inside buildings. Underneath desks, behind television and recording studios, and inside the walls of houses are places that the Borderling visits.

It travels to and from our dimension coming out of the walls. It appears as electrical outlets at first. They either appear normal but with slight differences. Some electrical outlets are disfigured, showing more or fewer sockets than their Earthly counterparts. Black cables grow from out of these holes in strands. In about an hour or so, they form into a single Emplekosyrmaling.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Emplekosyrmaling is stationary and sways slowly from side to side. On rare occasions, it shifts position to make itself comfortable. Using its appendages, it reaches as far as it could to nearby electric appliances. It withdraws its tendrils only if it senses fire, which is lethal to the Borderling.

If two Emplekosyrmaling meet, they will intertwine with each other, creating a bigger Borderling. Cables will plug and unplug, merging with one another. This form of interaction is temporary. Once they leave the Earth dimension, they separate and part ways. Impure Emplekosyrmalings are an exception. Healthy Emplekosyrmalings will avoid merging with them at all costs.

The Emplekosyrmaling affects electrical appliances within its vicinity. Any machine that's connected to an outlet, or uses batteries, will malfunction. When the Emplekosyrmaling touches them with its tendrils, they will share the same behaviors as the Borderling. Witnesses' machines will make strange sounds or jitter like its trying to move a certain way. These behaviors will stop only when a Witness takes out its batteries or unplugs the machine.

It is rare for an affected machine to turn on and function while remaining unplugged.