The Messenger of Justice

Species: Righteous Vision Borderling
Type: Resident/Figment
Threat Level: Low

Frequency: 56MHz - 76MHz

Stability: 93.6%

Mentality: Sentient - Complex

Height: 15'5ft (457.2cm)
Weight: 163lbs (73.9kg)

Activity: See Entry
Respawn Count: 67

Visibility: 84%

Effect Radius: 3'7ft

About the Borderling

The Dikeling is a morality-based lifeform. It resembles a deer or an elk that comes in three colors: red, blue or green. It has no skin on its legs, only glowing stalks. A multitude of dark holes spots the Dikeling's back. Each hole lets out steam similar to nightly fog. The Dikeling's head isn't attached to its body and, like its legs, doesn't have any skin. The skull floats above its neck and has three eye sockets. The same glowing substance consists of its large and impressive antlers. In its mouth are a pair of iron scales. The scales are always leveled even if its head sways back and forth.

Inside the Dikeling's body is a watery substance that never loses volume when evaporated into steam. The Borderling is always enveloped in the thick fog that it produces.

It speaks only through its hallucinations. Its voice varies within each creature or being that it generates.

There are no physical alternations within impure Dikelings.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Dikeling is always a righteous, truthful Borderling. There's no direct interaction between the Dikeling itself and the Witness because of the hallucinations it always generates. A Dikeling will find a person to send its message to. The Borderling will read the Witness's thoughts and produce the right hallucination.

If a Dikeling is impure, it will express intimidation towards Witnesses. It will pursue people with good morals and cause horrific hallucinations. It will accuse the Witness of any wrongdoings that they didn't commit. Healthy Dikelings will intervene, canceling out any wrongful visions.

The Dikeling appears in and around police stations and courtrooms, but it can be seen around television or radio stations as well.  It travels through dimensions using a foggy vortex that manifested out of nothing.

A human being will experience vivid hallucinations when near a Dikeling. The potency will vary and will come unexpectedly. Mild hallucinations include men crossing the street or having a cup of coffee. In rare cases, the Witnesses will see disfigured people on television or large objects in the sky. The Dikeling will speak with a voice of these non-existent people and objects. Hallucinations will take up to 1 second to a few minutes.

When around a Dikeling, it is best to understand its message before the Dikeling leaves. If you're falsely accused of a crime, ignore the torment. Remember that a corrupted Dikeling will not do any harm but to intimidate you. 

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