The Ghost Writers

Species: Written Media Borderling

Type: Figment

Threat Level: •

Mentality: Sentient - Average

Manifestations: Common

Chance of Visibility: 39%

Height: See Entry

Weight: See Entry

Activity: 1 week

Respawn Count: 365

Frequency: 23Hz - 254MHz

Effect Radius: 3'2ft

From Reality


From Fiction

Audio Recordings

About the Borderling

The Caraxaquaternling is a paper and ink-based Borderling. It resembles a large heap of printed paper. Some pieces of paper are twisted together to make a snout and a few fingers. Each tip is dripping with a black substance similar to ink. Each sheet has written or printed words on it although they appear incoherent. Some words overlap each other or create letters that are fused and distorted. Some sheets of paper have eyes printed on them.  Although they seem immobile, they provide sight for Caraxaquaternling. The eyes move and function independently.

Inside the Caraxaquaterning are black veins connected to a heart. The organ has the same shape as that of a human's. The ink that flows through them is the Borderling's life source.

An impure Craraxaquaternling can't pump enough ink through its body and won't survive on Earth's dimension for long.

The Caraxaquaternling appears next to newsstands and near places that sell magazines. It travels to and from our dimension in the form of ink. After finding a sheet of paper, it forms its first eye. It will soon manifest more sheets of paper underneath. The Borderling continues to grow until it is fully developed. Each Caraxaquaternling varies in size, between 3ft to 7ft tall.

It exits our dimension by fainting, collapsing on the ground. The wind disperses its papers in all directions soon after. The organ inside its body suddenly disappears.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Caraxaquaternling is always silent and always patient. It waits until next week's newspapers and next month's magazines are delievered. In the middle of the night, during closing hours, it becomes visible and feeds on the ink. While it is feeding, it replaces normal ink with the ink that flows through its body. The Borderling replaces letters by writing them with its claws. It replaces recognizable images of models on the front cover with disfigured humanoid shapes. After it is done feeding, it crawls back to its hiding spot away from human sight.

An impure Caraxaquaternling is more vulgar in nature. It will write offensive words and create disturbing imagery in newspapers and magazines.

There are no known predators of the Caraxaquaternling. Witnesses did see an unknown Borderling stealing papers from the base of the creature, but not enough to do any harm.

When near the Caraxaquaternling, the Witness will begin to see printed and written words differently. In their minds, they read the words fluently in a voice that they don't recognize. This voice happens to be the Caracaquaternling's. Its voice varies in each Witness but its always hoarse and calm.

A Witness who loves to write and read will attract this species of Borderling. It will become more visible to them everytime they arrive at a newsstand or at a convenience store.