First Sighting: 1800s

The Smog- Checkers

Type: Automobile Borderling

Species: Figment
Threat Level: •

Frequency: 9Hz - 78MHz

Chance of Visibility: 30%

Mentality: Animal

Height: 13'7ft (396.2cm)
Weight: 149lbs (67.5kg)

Effect Radius: None
Activity: 2 hours, 1 minute
Respawn Number: 37

Location: City

Audio Recordings


Subspecies and Forms


What to do when encountering the Borderling

If you suddenly feel nauseous and have an urge of vomiting, it is a sure sign of an Antloling encounter. When exposed to its Effect Radius for 4 minutes, chunks of bright-yellow bile will build up inside your stomach walls. The liquid is the same substance as the Antloling's insides, creating a nasty concoction of bile and otherworldly sludge.

It's best to avoid being near an Antloling pack at all times. If you do regurgitate, make sure to find hydration as soon as possible. Exposure to an Antloling for long periods of time will cause Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome until they return to the Externus.

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The Aftokinitolings are a car-based lifeform. They resemble mammals similar to rodents and common marsupials. Their fur is short except for their paws. Flaps of skin are on each side of their tails and on the top of their backs. They have an oversized tongue that connects to their hollow body cavity. They have sharp teeth and claws that can cut soft flesh. They have a pungent odor similar to rotten cheese.

Inside their stomachs is iridescent, yellow bile. This chunky substance fills its body cavity half-way. A grainy film lines their stomach walls.

If an Antloling becomes impure, they lose their vibrant coloration.

The Antlolings are social Borderlings, and will always travel in packs. Each group has a maximum of 7 individuals. They never close their mouth, dragging their slimy tongue as they crawl. They speak in gurgles, belches, and growls.

If a stray Antloling joins the group, they will surround and lick the newcomer. After the ritual is over, they continue with their routine. If they spot an impure Antloling, they will brutally attack the other Borderling, pulling off their limbs and gutting it in the process. Afterward, they cannibalize on the fallen Antloling.

Small animals, like rodents, insects and small lizards, compromise their diet. Using their tongues and tails, the Antlolings form a sticky trap near their homes. Once after the prey is immobile from the sticky sludge, the pack goes in for the kill.

When threatened by a larger attacker, it will spit its viscous fluid into the attacker's facial orifices – the mouth, the eyes, and the nostrils.

The Antlolings have to avoid their main predator, the Oleoling. With their tongues, they can taste the oils that the other Borderling generates. They will hide underground when an Oleoling's nearby.

The Antlolings appear down below the grimiest of cities. Deep underground, one can see packs of Antloling huddled together in the corners of the sewer walls. During rainy days, these Borderlings will come out and stay near puddles and other bodies of filthy water.

They travel to and from their dimension by melting into a yellow viscous fluid. Groups of Antlolings will emerge from out of large puddles.

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