It's time to meet your Neighbors.
The Borderlings live next door to us. But where? In another world, parallel to this plane of existence. They are everywhere, but we don't see them with our own eyes. But only a few can see them clearly. The ghosts that wander Earth are revealing themselves to us!

'I See Borderlings' is a bestiary that depicts strange monsters from the Externus, a network of pocket dimensions. These creatures arrive on Earth to feed, find homes, and to observe human, plant and animal life. Witnesses and non-Witnesses like describe them as cryptids, paranormal and supernatural creatures. In some cases, they take a form of weird shapes, hallucinations, and glitches. They're responsible for the strange happenings around the world.

The Borderlings' stay on Earth is always temporary. If they aren't able to return to their pocket dimensions, they will succumb to corruption. Death will sometimes follow if they're not stable enough.

Most Borderlings are unseen animals that wander into our dimension. Some can be considered sentient. Like the human race, these sentient beings have different moralities. Some can be good, evil or neutral.

Almost all Borderlings are invisible to the naked eye. They emit electromagnetic radiation that cloaks their bodies. At some points in time, their invisibility diminishes for a short while. Witnesses will be able to see them as shadows or blobs of mist. The Borderlings are rarely seen clearly by Witnesses without any equipment.

Sentient Borderlings can communicate with humans but rather keep their distance due to miscommunication or hysteria. Experienced Borderlings will communicate with humans without any error.

Each Borderling can affect their surroundings with a unique energy field. Their Effect Radius varies in size and potency and can change anyone and anything that's inside. These alterations include changes in the atomical structure and behavior. In their Effect Radius, the Borderlings can manifest objects, substances, and even mental stimuli like hallucinations. Some Borderlings don't need an Effect Radius to influence the world around them.

When the Borderlings return to their pocket dimensions, their energy levels regenerate. After resting, they return to the human world again. If these beings aren't able to leave Earth, they will lose the vital energy needed and will slowly become corrupt. An impure Borderling will show signs of physical, mental, and psychological deterioration. They will be hazardous to themselves and the world around them.
Some impure Borderlings aren't stable and will succumb to death.

Each person has their own Personal Borderling. They act as their companion or guide. If a person is good with cats, they might have a Cat Borderling as their Borderling. Most of the human population has more than one Personal Borderling.

Whenever possible, they will communicate through anything with an energy signal. A Radio Borderling, as an example, can sp
eak through the radio by interrupting the signal's frequencies. However, for some Borderlings, this form of communication can consume needed energy.

If they are able, they can manipulate human beings. They can feed, communicate, or benefit from their vessels. Some Borderlings form a symbiotic relationship with their human and can mutate at will.

A Borderling doesn't age like we do but can have multiple lives (like in video games). After death, its Ichor will take some time to generate as another Borderling of its kind. Stronger Borderlings can form a Facade, a weaker form of the same species. They have to wait until they have enough Ichor generating in their bodies to change back.

Our Next-Door Dimension
  The Externus is a neighboring dimension in parallel with ours, and it had existed since the beginning of time. There are countless creatures that exist in the Externus, and a fraction of them are considered Borderlings. In order for the Borderlings to travel to our world, they have to have enough energy levels to create portals. They can't travel our world they're too weak.
The Borderlings travel from the Externus to Earth and vice-versa by going through the Veil layer, which separates Earth's dimension from the Externus'. If an object or living thing enters into the Externus, they atomic structure will become unstable and distort. Any affected creature and object will not return to Earth's dimension. Therefore, they will dissolve into nothing and will never exist in the Earth's plane. Some mutants can enter into the Externus without their atomic structure becoming unstable.

Borderlings that enter our dimension will have different visibility ranges. With those who are invisible, they can only be seen with special equipment. An example will be a type of Borderling can be seen with infrared or ultraviolet filters. This doesn't affect their strange effects they carry from the Externus. However, each Borderling's atomical structure can be affected by the different hazards on Earth. Borderlings with high stability and will resist hazardous materials and harsh frequency signals better than Borderlings with low stability.

There are some Borderlings that have a strong will to live. These Borderlings can create Façades to preserve their own life essence outside of their bodies. Whenever they had recently died or can't access to their own vessels, they will take on a more simple and limited form until they gather enough energy to generate a new body. Sick Façades are much fatal to a Borderling than when they have bodies. Because they don't have a vessel to generate they will die and won't respawn.

The Three Types of Borderlings

The Visitors

Borderlings who are created to look more abstract than the Ilmestys. They're weak to Earth's frequencies and have to return to the Externus after a short visit. They can travel freely from dimensions. These creatures have more strange features that defy logic and reason than the Ilmestys.


The Residents

Borderlings that have more power to stay within the Earth dimension. They can summon other Borderlings at will, regardless of time and place. Their appearances are abstract like the Visitors and Earthly like the Ilmestys. Some Residents are dependent on objects for travel.

The Figments

Borderlings who manifest themselves to resemble animals, objects, or people on Earth. They have more endurance to Earth's harmful frequencies than the Residents and Visitors. Most Figments have to rely on objects, like mirrors and boxes, to travel from the Externus and Earth and vice versa. These are the most common type of Borderlings that will visit Earth.

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